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Film wax is a création between a hot wax and a strip wax – optimised to possess all the best characteristics of each. Its application is as comfortable as a conventional hot wax, paired with the lightweight “spread-ability” of a strip wax. As the wax shrink-wraps itself around the hair, it results in a much less painful hair removal treatment that effortlessly removes hairs as short as 1mm.

Epilate gently with the hot waxes from Norma de Durville!

A handy wax :

It applies easily in thin coats and dries very quickly. You can take it off without bands.

Hygienic :

The peel-off hot wax is a single use product.

It is applicable with a disposable spatula which is not reusable.

Efficient :

Its thick honey texture remains elastic when it dries. The wax perfectly traps the hair and makes it easy to remove it from the root. This product can be used on all areas including the most sensitive.

Good quality :

Formulated with 100% natural pine resin. It leaves the skin clean and soft.

Professional :

Is needed five times less peel-off wax for hair removal than traditional wax, which is particularly economical for institutes that practice single-use hair removal.

cire à épiler bleue

This blue wax contains shea butter and allows you to make large thin strips. The favorite wax of institutes for men.

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Cire à épiler sans colophane


Rosin-free, dye-free, fragrance-free wax. It is an extra thin and extra flexible transparent peel-off wax.

Citrus film wax


Grapefruit color film wax based on 100% natural pine resin. Developed, manufactured and packaged in france