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Microwaveable stripless wax – Red berries fragrance

Microwaveable stripless wax - Red berries fragrance
Made in France REF. 9659 - jar 100 g

This stripless wax, with the delicious scent of red fruits, is particularly suitable for depilating small areas of the face and body. Thanks to its original microwaveable dish and its single-dose presentation, hair removal becomes easy to set up in all cabins. 

● Greedy scent. 

● Super practical, super fast ! 

● 90 seconds in the microwave. 

● Easy to use, no strips, suitable for small areas. 

EAN: 3 760353 602081 

*The resin being an ingredient of natural origin, the color of the wax may vary depending on the harvest.


• Place the jar on the edge of the microwave plate (not in the centre).

• Heat the jar for 90 seconds (heating position).

• Leave the jar in the microwave for 1 minute to allow the heat to spread uniformly through the wax. Use the handle to remove the jar from the microwave.

• Stir the wax with a spatula for about 30 sec. until it reaches a consistency similar to thick honey. If it’s too liquid and drips quickly, it’s too hot. Wait to let the wax cool.

• Apply a thin layer to the area to be waxed using a disposable spatula. When applying, create thicker edges to avoid residue and the risk of breaking. Wait 10 sec. for the wax to grip the hairs.

• Remove wax strip in the opposite direction to hair growth, keeping parallel to the skin, and repeat for each area to be waxed.


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