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The rosin wax is used in thin layers and is removed using strips of non-woven paper. 

The Norma de Durville rosin waxes are available in 800 ml jars and 100 ml cartridges.

Efficient :  

This rosin wax adheres perfectly to the skin to facilitate the pulling out of the hair, whether they’re short, thin, or thick and long, this wax pulls them out from their roots. It is mainly used to depilate large areas such as legs or arms…

Practice : 

Once applied it is removed with a strip of non-woven paper. The entire surface that is depilated can be coated at the same time.

Easy to use :

The thinner the layer of wax is, the more effective will be the hair removal. It takes only one pass, the layers of wax should not be overlapped: the area is then ready to be waxed. 


A rosin wax that offers incomparable hair removal quality. Its delicate fragrance embellishes your institute without stubbornness.

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cire résine miel Norma De Durville

The most classic of our single-use rosin waxes, for rapid hair removal and maximum hygiene. Its color and its honey scent are intended for all skin types.

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instruction for use rosin wax


1- Heat the wax around 55°C in your device to get a fluid texture.

2- Apply the wax on the area to be depilated with a spatula. Dive the spatula into the wax and wipe one side of the spatula on the edge of the tin. Lay the spatula perpendicular to the skin and spread a very thin layer of wax in the hair growth direction. The whole area to be depilated can be covered with a very thin layer of wax. 

3- Apply a non-woven strip on the rosin wax.

4- Remove the paper strip by rolling out in the opposite direction to the hair growth. The skin is getting soft and smooth without any hairs or unwanted down.

Repeat the operation with the same paper strip as the layers can be overlapped. When the paper strip is saturated with hairs and wax, replace it with a new one to keep on waxing. 

Then, apply a post-epilation oil with a cotton pad to remove any remaining traces of wax.

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