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Lait post-épilatoire Norma de Durville
Made in France
REF. 6311 - 150ml

● Patented active.

● Slows hair regrowth*

● 35% less hair*

● Soothing*

* scientifically proven

Contains strong moisturizing* agents such as hyaluronic acid and rose hip oil, soothing active ingredients and a patented active substance.

*Hyaluronic acid is used in cosmetics for its moisturizing action qualities on the outer layers of the skin. Rose hip oil is 100% natural and is excellent for a healthy skin. It slows down the dehydration process, speeds up the healing process and repairs damaged tissues; it is a cell regenerator. The lotion also contains soothing active ingredients such as urea and an aloe vera gel. We have also added a patented active substance rich in nordihydroguaiaretic acid that has anti proliferative and anti inflammatory properties. This ingredient slows down the cell multiplication process of the hair follicles and has an anti-inflammatory effect. In vivo test were performed and show, that after waxing the legs, the twice-daily application during 28 days of a lotion containing 3 % of the active ingredient, reduces hair growth by 35 %.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Apply our post-depilatory lotion in the morning and evening for 28 days after waxing. Gently rub into the waxed area.


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