pink recyclable wax drops
Made in France
REF. 7794 - box 800g

This high quality traditional hard wax gives perfect results thanks to its elasticity and is the most economical wax. During hair removal, the wax strip remains flexible to avoid hairs breakage and is very efficient on strong and coarse hairs.

Instructions for use

Heat the wax in a specific device around 55°C. You can use the second vat to filter the wax.
Do a heat test on yourself and then on your client.
Once the texture gets creamy, apply a thick and regular layer with a wooden spatula by working it in the hair growth direction.
Making thicker edges all around the strip to avoid breakage and any traces of wax.
When the strip is no more sticky, remove softly the strip staying parallel to skin
in the opposite hair growth direction.

Available in 200g

Pink recyclable wax drops 200g REF. 7692

bag 1000g REF. 5524





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