ORGANIC CERTIFIED PEEL-OFF WAX 100% of natural ingredients DROPS
Made in france
REF. 7864 - Bag 1kg

This Ecocert certified organic peel-off wax is made of natural pine rosin. Its application can be compared to traditional waxing. It is the most natural waxing method to attract environmently friendly addicts.

Instructions for use

Heat the wax to 55°C to get a thick honey texture. Do a heat test on yourself and then on your client. Apply a thin layer of wax with a disposable wooden spatula on the area to be depilated by making thicker edges all around the strip to avoid breakage and any traces of wax.
CAUTION : Its almost instantly hardens in contact with skin, so do not « work » the wax as with a traditional wax.
After ten seconds, remove softly the strip staying parallel to skin in the opposite hair growth direction. Renew the process until all hairs are gone.





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