Norma De Durville brand was created in 1992 by LCM company.

LCM company manufactures cosmetics since 1965 and has become a leading company in waxing thanks its many innovations.

In 1992, LCM founded its own brand « Norma de Durville » to give beauticians high quality and technical waxes. It aims at making waxing an absolute skin care.

Norma de Durville is well-known in France with 60 wholesalers marketing the complete range.

Norma de Durville is also represented in the French Overseas Territories such as Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, Tahiti or New Caledonia.

For few years, Norma de Durville is expanding abroad and 20 % of its turnover represents export sales.

The company is composed of technicians and professionals from cosmetics, with R&D and regulatory departments which bring savoir-faire and expertise to the brand.

Since the beginning, raw materials used in production are carefully selected. Quality control methods guarantee reliability and replicability.

Norma de Durville has developed a full range of waxes, before & after waxing products to provide a real skin care. Our hair removal protocol gives clients a high quality performance. The skin is prepared to waxing, free from hairs by using waxes adapted to the client's needs and soothed with effective post-depilatory cares.

Norma de Durville is constantly evolving to bring satisfaction to its clientele.

Norma de Durville welcomes you in a smooth, delicate and hair-free world.

Let's starting beauty with waxing !

NORMA DE DURVILLE, la marque des professionnels qui transforme l’épilation en un véritable soin de beauté.