Made in France
REF. 5513 - jar 800 ml

This single use rosin wax is suitable for all skin types. It easily removes hairs with roots for an efficient result and an economical waxing. Its sunny colour and honey fragrance will please the largest clients.

Instructions for use

Heat the wax in your device to get a fluid texture. Do a heat test on yourself and then on your client. Apply the wax on the area to be depilated with an iron spatula. Dip the spatula into the wax and wipe one side of it on the edge of the jar. Put the wax on and spread it in a very thin layer staying perpendicular to skin in the hair growth direction. The wax can be applied on the whole area to be depilated at once but do not overlay the layers. Cover with a non-woven strip then remove it by rolling out in the opposite hair growth direction. The skin becomes soft and smooth, free from hairs. Renew the process until the non-woven strip gets saturated with wax and hairs and is non longer sticky. After waxing, apply a post-epilation oil with a cotton pad to remove any traces of wax.

Available in Cartridge 100 ml REF.5514 HONEY FRAGRANCE ROSIN WAX





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