Any order given to L.C.M. company includes acceptation of our General Sales Conditions here under as well as our Special Sales Conditions. No Receipt of Order or General Purchase Conditions could ever mean renunciation to any provision here under.

Our prices are indicated taxes-free (HT), VAT 20% to be added. They are available in all commercial documents that are given to you : leaflets, tariffs, quotations, orders…

As long as products are available in our stocks, delivery time would be 5 working days in Metropolitan France. This delivery time is indicative.

All goods are travelling at recipient risks.

Goods delivery naturally includes variation of +/- 5% of ordered quantity, because of production stresses, without any damageable consequences ever for L.C.M. or its client as goods or paid by units received, in either ways (+/-).

You have to proceed with checking of your goods at reception while deliverer is still here and give any precise reservations you would want to communicate if necessary.

In case of claim you definitely have to send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to transporter within 48 hours.

Payment of invoices has to be made at reception unless L.C.M. would have previously agreed to special payment conditions, within the legal deadlines.

We do remind you that in case of payment by previously accepted draft, return of drafts to L.C.M. has to be made within 48 hours, as required by commercial law.

All goods and accessories would stay the property of L.C.M. until full payment. Any opposite provision of General Purchase Conditions is deemed to be unwritten.

Furthermore L.C.M. would never transfer, by any means, none of the Intellectual Property rights attached to the goods that L.C.M. make or sell. Any opposite provision of General Purchase Conditions would not only be void but also be deemed as damageable and therefore result in the payment of damages.

In case payment would not occur at the date it is due, will be due, as payment of damages, 10% of the total amount of the invoice, plus interests on late payment that are 3 times the legal official interest rate with a minimum of 3,5 %, plus amicable or judicial recovery costs, including for any professional a fixed allowance of 40 € (Law n° 2012-387 22/03/2012 – Implementation Decree n° 2012-1115 02/10/2012 – article D 441-5 Commercial Code).

We do also remind you that any intervention of our Recovery Department would be at the own and full charge of the debtor.

We will not consider any claim if not made by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 48 hours from goods reception.

Personal Datas are collected only to ensure the processing of the commercial relationship with L.C.M., and are limited to what is strictly necessary to do so. They are never communicated to anyone, whether in return for payment or free of charge, except for legal or judicial demands properly formed.

You have on your own datas a right of access, rectification and update, as well as a right to be erased and forgotten, a right to withdraw your acceptation when collected or used at any time, a right to limitation or opposition of treatment of your personal datas, and a right of portability (articles 15 to 21 GDPR n°2016-679 27/04/2016).

Any demand concerning one of these rights can be made by email or by post to L.C.M. BP 1537 87021 LIMOGES CEDEX 09.

L.C.M. is doing its best and take all reasonable measures to guarantee the right collection and best conservation and security of personal datas.

Applicable laws on these General Sales Conditions are French, Community and European Laws.

If litigations were to happen, the Commercial Court of Limoges would have exclusive jurisdiction, as well as any court included in the territorial jurisdiction of the head office of LCM.





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